8oz Mason Jar Candle


Triple-scented, made with Love, and Hand-Poured in the Great Smoky Mountains, there’s a scent for everybody.
So what are you waiting for? Get to meltin’!

Great Smoky Meltin's | Candle Care Tips
Candle Care Wick Trimming

Always trim your wick to 1/4in (6.35mm) before lighting.

Candle Care Burn Time Tips

Burn for a minimum of 1 hour, and a maximum of 4 hours.

Candle Care Burn Wax Pool Tips

Never light the candle with foreign objects in the wax pool.

Candle Care Airflow Tips

Keep your candle away from fans, vents, or other sources of moving air.

Candle Care Fire Safety

If the flame is burning too high, smoking, and flickering, extinguish the candle.

Candle Care Child & Pet Safety

Keep your candle out of reach from children or pets.

All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual colors/decoration may vary between batches.

Due to increased order volume, candles may be made to order and will ship within 3- 5 business days. We appreciate your understanding!

Great Smoky Meltin's™

Great Smoky Meltin's™